A new advert to tell the story of our land

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With the arrival of the new season and fine weather, the vines are putting out new shoots, and the vine-rows are now cloaked in green. So we are making these shoots the stars of a new advert. We wanted to pay tribute to this renewal, which, even though it takes place every year, amazes us every time.

We are thus continuing the series of publicity images that are based on our wish to convey the values and the story of our winery, and of our everyday efforts that are made up of the actions that our agronomists and winemakers repeat every day, like a familiar dance in the vineyards and cellars, but one that every time brings forth a different result: our wines.

After having carefully held the Sangiovese berry, that same adult hand now protects the vine shoot and its buds, the element on which the harvest sets its hopes. This image is the very embodiment of the soul of our mission, the story of our own earth and of the vine cycle that rises to new life each spring.

This is the second instalment in a series of images, emotional in both content and result, through which we are conveying our story and what have always been our deepest values: authenticity, elegance, and excellence.