Our wines win over Japanese women’s palates

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Our debut into the world of Japanese wine competitions was received quite positively by the land of the rising sun.

During the last edition of the Sakura Award – Japan Women’s Wine Award that took place in Tokyo, all the wines presented were awarded with a medal: Double Gold for our Sangiovese Riserva 2013, a Gold Medal for our Tauleto 2011 and Liano Bianco 2014 and a Silver for our Liano 2013. An excellent result from a very particular event, in a country where the Italian wine market is growing. The competition was created in 2014 at the behest of the “Wine & Spirits Culture Association” with the aim of promoting a true wine culture in Japan, and is in fact characterised by a jury composed of professional women working in the wine sector: sommeliers, buyers, wine shop owners and journalists who are in daily contact with the opinions and tastes of consumers.