Our new ADVERT conveys the harvest  

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We have now arrived at the most crucial juncture of the entire growing season, the harvest, the moment of bringing in the grape clusters, the fruit of months of patient efforts and waiting.  The harvest concludes one phase of life, the history of the grape, and opens another, that of the wine, so different, distinctive, and utterly unique each year. With the third instalment of our advertising campaign, we wanted to celebrate this magical, important moment.

The communication of our history, our values, and of our efforts continues, then, with another iconic, and poetic, image: work-boots bearing the marks of the earth, and in the background our vineyards. The visual message conveys the encounter between man and earth that gives birth to our masterpieces.

The joy of the harvest, the finest days of the year for those like us who work the vineyards, are transmuted in lively, brilliant colours, the hues of sunset, that moment that brings to a close the day’s work. These tones infuse the third episode of the emotion-laden “narrative moment” that we created to tell our story and to convey our foundation values: authenticity, elegance, and excellence.