The story of a life in our new advert

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Picture it: a poetic image composed of various objects on a time-worn, rural farmhouse table that suggests a narrative. This is the new visual in our promotional campaign that we created, for winter 2018, to tell the story of what have always been our core values: authenticity, elegance, and uncompromising quality.

This new image comprises symbols of Umberto Cesari’s “winegrowing life”: grapes, the focus of man’s passion and commitment in harmony with the earth; the precious fruit of the efforts of the grapegrower, wine, represented by the cork; a key, which guards objects of value, in this case the secrets of professional expertise; and, finally, the notebook of growing seasons, the image’s protagonist and most priceless object, inasmuch as it encapsulates the  history of the vineyards and wines of Umberto Cesari, and therefore his very life.

As in the preceding campaigns, this one too recounts our history through “signifying” objects, symbols of the winery’s values, of the potency of the earth, of the passion and vision of an entrepreneur who has dedicated his entire life to create a unique product, his wine.