We have our partners’ interests at heart.
Their satisfaction is our goal.

The marketing professionals who collaborate with us are the first ambassadors of our wines, the crucial link in our distribution chain, and we dedicate significant cooperation and attention to them.


Wine shops, enotecas, restaurants, catering services, GDO

Your business takes precedence over everything else. We reserve personalised products and services for each individual customer, custom-designed to meet every need. Our exceptional relationship with you rests not only on prices, but on our personal involvement, attention, and your particular needs.

Schools, seminars

We have a direct, close, and long-standing relationship with winegrowing institutions, sommelier courses, academies, master programs in viticultural science, and in general the complete range of training programs for sector professionals. We organise visits and tours, courses, and tastings themed to meet the needs of every instructor.

Companies in other sectors

Thanks to the prestige and quality of our wines, Umberto Cesari has established many horizontal partnerships with businesses in other sectors. Our wines have been selected by major airline companies, celebrated sports car manufacturers, top-ranked sports teams, and by some of Italy’s top luxury brands. We collaborate together on events and special services to their choice customers.  In other sectors too, our brand says uncompromising quality


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