The quintessence of Sangiovese


The desire for a wine of superb structure led to the creation of this wine, one fully capable of expressing the nonpareil qualities of the growing area and the celebrated characteristics of the Sangiovese grape. Tauleto enjoys international prestige and recognition.


Umberto Cesari’s farsightedness and experimentation have brought into being wines of the highest quality, marrying together native and international grape varieties. Laurento, Yemula, Liano, and Liano Bianco are well-balanced, elegant blends, each well able to gift intense, long-lingering fragrances.


Wines produced from grapes classic to Emilia Romagna, Sangiovese, Pignoletto, and Albana, varieties that represent the finest traditions and long history of the growing area where they grow and flourish.


Tradition and modernity meld together in this line of wines that are decisive yet refined. The MOMA wines are a tribute to creativity; in fact, this is the line that Umberto Cesari dedicated to the world of art, and their label is the result of an art competition open to young artists.


iove represents the heart of the word Sangiovese, a name strongly centred in tradition yet tending dynamically towards the future. Distinctive of this line of wines are the marriage of native and international grape varieties and the use of lively colours that gives its packaging impact and youthful appeal.


The well-balanced sweetness of Colle del Re Albana Passito, a superb way to conclude a meal or to share a moment of pleasure.

Flavours and fine tastes of our land

Aceto Balsamico di Modena and Sale Dolce di Cervia, two specialty food absolutely unique in the world. Details do make a difference, and these two products embody a striking story, embodying as they do the qualities of the land of Emilia Romagna that yields them.